Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Me

Dear Friend, thanks for stopping by to know my details, please have a look :-)

This is Deepak kumar modi, living in Bangalore, Silicon city of India. I completed my B.E. in Information Technology in 2006 from
BIT Sindri, Jharkhand. It is a prestigious government engineering college running from 1949 onwards. I got fascinated with Java in
third year of my engineering career when I learnt Applet and AWT programming. Every time I see the UI output, I feel Wow!! I have done
something... like a normal Software developer's wish, but that time it was being felt like a technical expert.

The story starts here: In our third year of Engineering there was a part time lecturer in our college who spent almost 3/4th of our
3rd Year just by teaching Basics of java like: ClassPath Settings, If-else, Switch-case, Packages, Displaying so many star and binary patterns using
various loops in programming. At the end of the year, we got a new female faculty. She was having a sound technical knowledge of
Java. Basically she only taught us UI based programming and it was amazing to see such real things in AWT and Database first time.
So although we all were going to tease her, we were learning too.

And once moved to Bangalore, programming became a part of our life. After sometime I started writing a blog and share errors and experiences
I am facing while development. This is basically for my notes.

Now whenever I have some leisure time, I update my blog.
At last thanks for patiently reading this. Hope you will like my blog and follow this.

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