Thursday, June 17, 2010

Read a properties file inside jar file

Loading a Properties file into a Jar and running Main class from Jar:
//Issue: I have created my jar file. The main class get some configuration value from a *.properties. This file is contained into jar archive,
but when I run my application, I receive this error: "FileNotFoundException". Here properties file is a member of Jar file only.
//Package structure like:

Jar File->com/*.class

//build.xml, for creating jar file

//Java Code, loading properties file in java code
//Main class, main method
InputStream is;
Properties myProp=new Properties();
try {
is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smpp/");
System.out.println("Size of file :"+is.available());

//Here FileInputStream will not work as that is usable only for plain files, not for members inside a jar.
(It works in eclipse, because eclipse loads from the plain files, not from your jar file.)

//Running Jar:
java -jar HelloTest.jar

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