Friday, October 26, 2012

An Ideology

“He is a good man,” judge Rakoff said of Rajat Gupta.
“But the history of this country and the history of the world is full of examples of good men who did bad things.”

The above message describes below things as per my view:

1) Indian Judges should learn a lesson from Rakoff while giving such punishments to corporates, which rarely happens

2) Indian media should expose such accused guys too who do insider trading and involved in wrong practices. Recently we
have seen how NSE Sensex went complete 900-point flash crash on 8-October-2012 by "Emkay Global Financial Services".
Still we don't know how it happened and who will pay for the loss of shareholders.

3) Indian judicial system should work faster to file charges and conviction of the criminals. Rajat Gupta's file is closed
in almost 2 years of time. In India many big cases like: Kasab, Afjal Guru, Ayodhya temple etc like hundred issues are
pending for a long time.

4) Indian political system should request for leniency to a judge when a judge gives verdict to Robert Vadra, Salman Khursid,
A Raja, Kalmadi like people. Same as Bill Gates, Kofi Annan asked for Rajat Gupta. But in India these political people go
for a blind support to such so called accused people of any kind and result no cases are filed.

5) Forget the past if done a bad thing. Now onward have a good ethics and attitude towards the organization we work for
assuming company business, source codes, documents as very very private.

6) At last: add few more points if you have.

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