Saturday, February 3, 2018

Java setup in Windows as ZIP not exe

Want to download ZIP version of JDK ??????

Sorry Oracle has stopped creating this. But we can manage without that.

Here are the steps:
1) Create a directory where you want to keep JDK1.8  (assume we need JDK 1.8).
2) Download "JDK 1.8" from Oracle site. You will get an exe file like mine "jdk-8u72-windows-x64.exe".
3) Copy the downloaded exe in newly created directory.
4) Unzip the exe using 7-zip software. This will create a " directory in the same new directory "E:\JDK1.8".
5) Run the below big command:
    E:\Java1.8>   for /r %x in (*.pack) do .\bin\unpack200 -r "%x" "%~dx%~px%~nx.jar"

6) Done now. Need to Verify the setup.
7) Go inside the new JDK directory in windows "JDK1.8/bin".
8) Run below 2 commands:
    javac -version
    java -version
    If these shows 1.8. Our zip set up is done. Now setup JAVA_HOME, path and enjoy....

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